Al Rawda Umm Al Qura Hotel

Makkah- Al Jumeza Dst.- Holy Mosque Street , 21955 Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Al Rawda Umm Al Qura Hotel is a four-star hotel located at Masjid Al Haram Road End Hojoun Bridge in the capital of Islam, Makkah. It is a tall building having 307 deluxe rooms as well as suites. The ratings of the hotel are 4 out of 5 which are pretty good and far better than other hotels in Makkah.

The location of the hotel is very brilliant. Al Rawda Umm Al Qura Hotel Makkah distance from Haram is of 3 miles. You can go to Kaaba in 12 minutes’ walk from the hotel. Station of Ibrahim is also positioned a few miles away. Famous restaurants like Al Baik, Smash Burger, and Hyatt Regency are less than 3 miles from the hotel. Al Rawda Umm Al Qura Hotel Makkah map shows that the other close landmarks to the hotel include Mountain of light (Jabal-al-Noor), Masjid Taneem and Safa to Marwa. You can easily reach in an hour to both Al Taif and King Abdul-Aziz airport. More locations and attractions can be found on Al Rawda Umm Al Qura hotel Makkah map.

Al Rawda Umm Al Qura Hotel Makkah Reviews reflects that the hotel tries its best to take care of the guests and keep them highly satisfied. All the 307 rooms are air-conditioned, fully cleaned and have comfy furniture in them. The furniture is well-furnished and modern. Room service is available the whole day. Mini refrigerators and free Wi-Fi are obtainable in the rooms.

Laundry service and shuttle bus service are accessible to the guests of the hotel. For the disabled and old-aged people, the wheelchairs are provided. Al Rawda Umm Al Qura Hotel Makkah reservation also includes the lavish breakfast from the on-site restaurant of the hotel. For the people who stay there for the business purpose, meeting rooms are arranged by the hotel, and you will not have to book another place. So don’t delay in Al Rawda Umm Al Qura Hotel Makkah booking because we know you can’t afford to miss this luxury while you are in Makkah to perform Umrah?

Free parking along with valet service is offered to the customers by the hotel. Your vehicles are secured, and you will not find parking after a hectic day at the hotel will do it for you. For your clothes and bed sheets etc. dry cleaning service is also available. The staff of the hotel can speak English, Arabic, Hindi, and Spanish.

Getting a room in this hotel is uncomplicated. For Al Rawda Umm Al Qura Hotel Makkah booking, all you have to do is contact Sasta Umrah hotel booking and select the package. The Guests who have visited the hotel have always come back for the second time along with recommending it to others the Sasta Umrah package. The royal treatment from the staff makes the hotel more attractive to the guests with yummy hygienic food. Especially when you are going for Umrah, this hotel is the best place to stay and make your journey more memorable. By choosing a stay at this hotel, your money will surely not be wasted, and you will become one of those who wrote Al Rawda Umm Al Qura reviews in praising words.

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