Mobark Plaza Hotel

Ibrahim Al Khalil Street، Ash Shubaikah, Makkah 24231, Saudi Arabia

Mobark Plaza hotel is very popular among visitors and customers of Sasta Umrah. Moreover, it’s a four-star hotel located on Al Mesflah-Ibrahim Al Khaleel Street, Makkah. It consists of almost more than 380 rooms in its building and rooms too are furnished. Limited rooms tell that you will have to hurry in Mobark Plaza hotel if you want to get the room of your choice. The great Mobark Plaza Hotel reviews show that it is a nice place to stay and guests sent by Sasta Umrah enjoyed their visit.

Mobark Plaza hotel location is the thing that makes it most wanted the hotel to stay in. Mobark Plaza Hotel Distance from Haram is 9.61 miles. Guests can reach Kabah and Masjid Al-Haram in almost 5-10 minutes. Famous Abraj Al-Bait towers are only 9 miles away and guests can find thousands of shops and can easily do the shopping for their family. Other closest landmarks are the station of Ibrahim, Makkah auction and Makkah Mall. Consult Mobark Plaza hotel map to locate more attractions near to you. Two airports Al Taif and King Abdul-Aziz are just 80 kilometers far from the place.

After doing your Mobark Plaza Hotel booking, you will be able to enjoy a luxuries lifestyle in the hotel. It has all the rooms air-conditioned with a minibar in them. After having a tiring day especially when you visit Makkah to perform Umrah or Hajj, at night the person craves for a comfy bed and a peaceful atmosphere, and upon Mobark Plaza hotel reservation, you will enjoy both of these things.

The room service is available 24/7 along with that high-speed internet is also access able. For joint families or the guests who have 4-6 people with them, there is no need to buy two or three separate rooms and pay. Mobark Plaza hotel reservation offers an option of family rooms in which you all can stay together the extra cost will be saved as well. For the ones who love food, there are more than 50 restaurants nearby to the hotel, and that serves mouth-watering food. These restaurants include Smash Burger, Al Baik, Hyatt Regency and Al Tazaj all of these are at a distance of fewer than 10 miles.

The staff members of the hotel are friendly and try their best to understand as well as solve the problem a guest face. You can ask for anything you need from the reception, and they will compromise with you. Full security is provided to the guests in the hotel; safe are fixed in the rooms. All the rooms have a private bathroom in them and which are washed and with all toiletries.

Mobark Plaza hotel contact number is +966 12 531 1112. You can directly contact through the number mentioned for Mobark Plaza hotel booking in advance by giving them your master card number. Other than this, Mobark Plaza hotel reservation can be made by communicating Sasta Umrah hotel booking. Sasta Umrah will provide you with Umrah packages that are not much costly and other details about the hotel.

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