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Umrah is a sacred journey towards the holy cities of Makkah and Madina for the sake of Allah to get rewards and forgiveness. Umrah package includes a lot of things to be completed before you start your journey. Therefore, it is imperative to get in touch with the reliable umrah travel agent who understands your demands and cater your needs giving you cheap umrah packages. Sasta umrah travel and tours are one of the best umrah services provider in Pakistan which has satisfied hundreds of Muslims by offering them best umrah packages.

Best Umrah Packages

Our umrah travel agents offer different umrah packages which facilitate different types of clients. Every client has its demands, and our umrah agents are highly professional in their dealing with the clients. We have the option of heading towards Makkah or Madina first wherever the clients wish to go. Our umrah agents will do all the work for your journey including:

  • Umrah visa issuance
  • Hotel stay in Makkah
  • Hotel stay in Madina
  • Booking of return Umrah ticket
  • Ziarat tours (optional)

Sasta umrah travel and tours keep the client's demands, and requirements on their top priority and our umrah agents make it possible to make our umrah journey plan the way you want it to be. Our umrah agents also offer tailor-made packages to give the clients best possible package at the competitive rates.

Hotels in Madina Near Mosque

The important and essential part of the umrah package is the hotel accommodation booking. Many clients are satisfied with the hotels which our umrah agents offer. But some clients demand the changing in hotels already offered in the umrah packages. Therefore, our umrah agents provide a list of every type of hotel and their rates to clients so they can choose the hotel that best suits them.

Mostly the clients demand our umrah agents to book a hotel near Haram which will make it easy for them to reach the mosque easily on time and capture the place in the first rows. Usually the hotels in Madina which are near to mosque offer higher rates than those which are far from the mosque. But sasta umrah travel agents offer the best hotels near to the mosque at the cheapest rates. We guarantee you that you will not find cheap hotels in Madina near to the mosque at such competitive rates with any other umrah travel agent.

Why Get a Hotel Near to the Mosque?

The main aim of umrah journey is to seek Allah's forgiveness which is possible only by praying. For praying you need to go the mosque at least five times a day and this going to the mosque will be facilitated if you get a hotel accommodation near to the mosque. Another reason to get a hotel close to the mosque is to facilitate to aged Muslims which don’t have enough energy to walk from a far-off hotel all the way to the mosque and get fatigued. They have to reserve their energy to perform Umrah. So, getting a hotel near to the mosque will beneficial to the aged Muslims to perform the umrah well and with full energy. They can get back to the hotel anytime they want to have a little rest to revitalize their energy if they have the hotel room closer to the mosque.

In the peak season of umrah, it is difficult to get a hotel room near to mosque. But our umrah agents can get a hotel near to the mosque at cheap rates in peak seasons too. Sasta umrah travel and tours umrah agents are the best umrah service providers in Pakistan and have satisfied hundreds of clients by making their umrah journey smooth and according to their demands at cheap rates. Our umrah agents try their best to cater the client's demands while making an umrah package for them. Highly professional and experienced staff at sasta umrah makes it possible to provide the best services at cheap rates. Get cheap umrah packages from us.

In Madina, you again have the option to choose from five, four, three or two-star hotels. Our umrah agents also offer rooms on sharing basis of any of our client want to save much money and does not want to spend on hotel accommodation. If one wants the luxury accommodation, we offer five and four-star hotel near to the mosque which is cheap and provides all the basic facilities and amenities to make your stay comfortable. If any client wants to save money than our umrah agents have three, two-star hotel rooms or the shared rooms. We offer the hotels which are cheap but are loaded with all the essential facilities. These hotels are the best, and our umrah agents offer you the most competitive and cheap rates. Every Muslim wish to get the hotel near to the mosque but not every umrah travel agent can book a hotel near to the mosque at cheap rates. Therefore, sasta umrah is a one-stop for every wish and demand fulfillment of the client going for Umrah.

Clients planning for umrah have different requirements regarding their stay in Makkah and Madina. Our umrah agents are highly professional and have contacts with the variety of hotels in Makkah and Madina. It makes the booking in hotels of clients demand in any season they plan to go for Umrah. Sasta umrah gives best packages for umrah across Pakistan with the cheapest umrah ticket booking. All the arrangements of stay and travel in Makkah and Madina are arranged by our umrah agents. You will have no difficulty in reaching Makkah from Jeddah airport our representatives will be there to serve you in the best possible way. We make sure that from airport you are reached to the booked hotel room immediately after landing at the airport. We guarantee you the best umrah journey if you book our services and our umrah agents will give you the best and cheap umrah packages.