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Thinking about going for the holy journey of Umrah but not able to decide which umrah travel agent to contact for the booking and visa issuance. Sasta umrah travel and tours is a well-known name in providing the best and cheap umrah service to the Muslims all over Pakistan. Our Umrah agents are well experienced to cater the needs and requirements of every client. We encounter different types of clients wanting tailor made packages and Alhamdullilah our every client is 100 percent satisfied with our services and rates. We offer the wide range of cheap umrah packages which are affordable for every financial class of Muslims. Also, we have our umrah agents throughout Pakistan so Muslims of every city can easily get our services.

Umrah Packages

Sasta umrah travel and tours offer their clients freedom of choosing or making an umrah package which best suits their needs. Umrah is a sacred journey for the sake of Allah, so our umrah agents try their best to serve clients to make their journey without any hassle. We offer umrah ticket booking, visa issuance and hotel bookings in our cheap umrah packages. But you can skip any offer if you want to book the tickets or hotels manually. In this way, the client has full freedom to plan their umrah journey the way they want.

Hotels in Makkah

The tailor-made umrah packages provide the freedom to choose the hotel according to your choice. Variety of hotels are available to choose from in both cities Makkah and Madina. Every hotel has certain amenities and facilities. Some of the hotels provide these amenities free of cost while other charges extra amount in addition to the room charges. Some common amenities are:

  • Wi-Fi service
  • Breakfast
  • Laundry
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Minibar

These are amenities commonly provided by the majority of hotels. Usually, the five-star hotels offer these free of cost while the four or three-star hotels may cost you some extra amount for using these. Many hotels in Makkah offers their guests complimentary breakfast which is liked by some clients. But others don’t need this service because the like to go to Haram early morning at the Fajar time and love to stay in the mosque and do Zikr and pray nafal.

Getting Accommodation in Makkah Near Haram Mosque

You can find many cheap hotels which are far from Haram mosque, but our umrah agents advise their clients to get a hotel near Haram. It will cost you a bit more, but the feeling of seeing Haram mosque right from your room is a feeling which cannot be described in words. A lot of hotel options is also available in our umrah packages; you can choose from:

Five-star hotels

  • Four-star hotels
  • Three-star hotels
  • Two-star hotels
  • Hotel room on sharing basis

The hotel rooms on sharing basis are the cheaper ones. You can get the best room in a like a five-star hotel room in the price of a 2-star room but on sharing basis with 2-3 persons. For a family going for Umrah, these hotel rooms are the best choice if they want to save money and get a good accommodation on the budget. These shared rooms are also the best choice for a group of a friend going on umrah. It will save them a good amount of money which they can use for extra services like ziarats.

Five Star Hotels Near Haram

If you want your trip to be luxurious than you must book a five-star hotel in Makkah. Our sasta umrah agents will help in getting the best and cheap rates for five-star hotels for our stay. Our umrah agent has contacts with the hotel managers and the tries their best to make an umrah package within our budget and according to your requirements. You will get all the five-star facilities and services, and your whole trip will be a five-star trip only due to the luxurious stay at our best offered five-star hotels.

Best Budget Hotels Near Haram

If any of our clients request our umrah agent for the best budget deals than we advise to go for four, three or two-star hotels. If our client agrees upon shared room than we offer cheap hotels. It will be a cheaper deal and will make cheapest umrah package. These budget hotel rooms offer a comfortable place to sleep as much of the time of pilgrims is spent in Haram Mosque. So, for the people who cannot afford or don’t want to stay in the five-star hotel, these rooms offer the best place for their stay. Most of these also offer complimentary breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Therefore, it does not mean that cheap hotels are not good to stay, but they are better to stay if you are on your umrah journey and want the best budget cheap package.

Sasta Umrah Travel and Tours offer the best and most affordable umrah packages with the best hotels and airlines. We assure you that we will make your umrah journey much better and smooth if you book with us. Our umrah agents try to get a hotel for you near Haram mosque so you can get to the mosque within no time at the prayer times. And getting a hotel near the mosque will also help in getting a place near to the Holy Kaaba which will heighten the rewards of praying.

We also assure that our umrah agents will offer the competitive price of each component within the umrah package. Starting from the visa fee, umrah ticket, hotel rooms and any extra additional services on the demand of client. We are so confident about our prices that we offer clients to check other umrah agents and then come back to us for final booking. No other umrah travel agents provide such an impressive high-quality service at such competitive prices as we offer throughout Pakistan