Dua for Umrah -Complete Umrah Guide with Duas

When you go for Umrah, you first make your stay beautiful in Makkah near Holy Kaaba in any of the Hotels in Makkah booked by any of the Umrah agents for you. It depends on the Umrah packages you have, and you are availed of the services on their basis, and the Umrah agents know all these stuff right before they book your tickets. If you have any Sasta Umrah packages, you may have limited access to the facilities there. It is always important for someone to know that how they are going to perform this sacred activity and what dues are to be recited by them and all of this is mentioned in any of the Umrah packages you have whether it is expensive or luxury one or any of Sasta Umrah packages. It is not necessary that you recite specific duas because dua is something, which you can recite by heart and in any language. ALLAH (SWT) will listen to anything you will pray, and he will for sure provide you with anything you want if it’s better and Halal for you. As per Hadith and knowledge delivered by Islamic scholars, here we will let you have a brief discussion regarding the Islamic events, prays, and dua, which may take place effectively during the entire event of Umrah but you have to keep in mind that these are not limited as we said above because the dua is always in your mind as well as heart and is not necessary to have it on your tongue by speaking loudly. The Saheeh Sunnah has provided pilgrims with the certain azkaar and Duas for umrah, which they can recite during Umrah rituals and events. Many of the pilgrims book Hotels in Makkah nearby so that they can change ihram easily for performing multiple Umrah events. Muslims can memorize them and make use of them and also can understand them properly if they wish. Here you can get Complete Umrah Guide with Duas. Let us have them step by step in Umrah:

Dua At Meeqat, while Putting Ehram

When you enter ihram and are at meeqat, it is Sunnah for Muslims to speak and recite Tasbeeh, i.e., saying Subhan Allah. Moreover, assuming and reciting tahleel, i.e., la-ilaha Illallah and takbeer, i.e., Allah o Akbar are also the beneficial duas while you enter Ihraam properly.

Dua In Madeenah and Al Bayda

Prophet (S.A.W) used to pray Duhr with four races in Madinah and Asr with two races at the place of Dhul Hulayfah if he had to stay there the full night. Similarly, when the sun would rise and the morning began starting, Prophet (S.A.W) used to ride towards Al Bayda and then he would praise glorify, and magnify Allah (SWT) at his fullest. Later, he used to recite Talbiyah by intending in his mind that he will perform Hajj and Umrah and all the people following him were doing the same. [(Narrated by Hazrat Anas (May Allah be pleased with him), Al Bukhari, 1476].  The azkaar mentioned above was not performed in that times by most of the people even after they became Sunnah. (Narrated by Hafiz Ibn Jabbar (May Allah be pleased with him))

Dua Between Meeqat and Makkah

It is Sunnah to recite Talbiyah between the ways of Makkah and Meeqat and both men and women should recite them. Women should lower their tones because non-mahram can hear them causing Islamic laws breaking. When Prophet (S.A.W) started riding from Dhul Hulayfah, he used to recite Talbiyah and would say “Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk, Labbayka laa shareeka laka labbayk, inna alhamda, walnimatah laka wal mulk, laa shareeka lak. [Narrated by Abd-Allaah ibn Umar (May Allah be pleased with him, Al-Bukhari, 5771; Muslim, 1184)].

Duas During Tawaaf

Each time when you come in straight line with the stone, i.e., Black stone, in each cycle, you should say Allah Akbar. (Al Bukhari, 1613). It is narrated by Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him) that Prophet (S.A.W) used to make his hand directed towards black stone and whatever he would have in this hand, he would recite Takbeer. It is the most common dua made and will be defined in the booklet given to pilgrims by their Umrah agents before making the successful journey, and it includes details regarding their stays in Hotels in Makkah, activities they perform, and all necessary information needed after landing. 

Duas Between Yemeni corner and Black stone

It is narrated that it was heard the Prophet (S.A.W0 saying loudly between the two corners this dua, i.e., Rabbana Atina fiddunia hassanah wa fil akhirah hasanah waqina adhaab al near. (Narrated by Abu Dawood, 1892, Saheeh Abi Dawood).

Duas Before Climbing Al Safa

Jabir bin Abd Allah (May Allah be pleased with him) narrated that prophet (S.A.W) used to go out through Al Safa, and when he would reach near it, he would recite the due, i.e., Verily, As Safa and Al Marwa are Symbols of Allah. Then he used to climb the mountain until he would see his own house then he would turn and face Qibla and would praise and glorify him and say La ilaha IllaAllah Wahdahu la shareeka lahu lahul mulk walahul hamd wahuwa ala kulli shayin Qadeer; Laa illAllah Wwahdahu anjaza wadah wa nasara abdah wa hazama al ahzaaba wahdah. Then he would make due between this and this he would repeat thrice. Narrated by Muslim, 1218.

The above-mentioned are few duas, you can recite as per Ahadith and we did not provide completely for each step. Any packages you have either the Sasta Umrah packages or any Umrah packages, you will be notified about the Dua beforehand you are going to recite any time before, during, or after Umrah even during your stay in Hotels in Makkah. You can refer Ahadith and many other sources, for best recitation. These are all proven by Ahadith, and you can recite the most of them if not all. It is not mandatory to recite them to be exact, and you can pray and recite any of your choices in any languages you want. Performing Umrah and its rituals are not that difficult, but we have made it very difficult by providing lots of incorrect and insufficient stuff. We can help each other in the entire process and Umrah agents are providing you with any Sasta Umrah packages or even the luxury ones also provide you with some good stuff you have to recite there. It is totally up to you that which dua you follow but if you follow procedures of Sunnah, you would love for what you are doing. This will be giving you a lot of pleasure, and you will be surely enjoying your entire stay in KSA performing the Umrah and its rituals perfectly. Do remember your loved ones in your precious prays and also pray and ask to ALLAH (SWT) anything you like and he will provide you with what you want if it's better and Halal for you. You can memorize these duas so that when you come next time, you do not need any book or written material to copy. Also, Remember me when you go there.

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