Fifth Pillar of Islam - Five Pillars of Islam

Sasta Umrah Travel & Tours is not only responsible for offering you cheap Umrah packages, but we also try to provide you basic information about Islam Hajj and Umrah so that you know the importance of performing Hajj or umrah. Islam has its foundation on five pillars which in Arabic called as arkan-e-Islam. The whole Islamic duties which made obligatory for Muslims revolve around these five pillars. Allah has made these five arkans obligatory for Muslims so that their life is structured in the best Islamic way and they are near to Allah in their daily life matters too, and their faith keeps on refreshing.

Five Pillars of Islam


It is the first pillar in which a Muslim confirms his faith in ALLAH. It means the verbal declaration by saying “there is no god but ALLAH and MUHAMMAD is the messenger of ALLAH.” This declaration makes a Muslim the firm believer of only ALLAH and also makes him realize that his life is meant to worship ALLAH and to obey and serve for the sake of ALLAH.


The second pillar is praying to God five times a day. By this practice, a Muslims comes closer to Allah during his daily life routine and praise HIM.


Zakat is made obligatory for Muslims to make them believe that their money and property is not theirs. It is with them because Allah wants to give them. Every sahib-e-nisab Muslim have to give a part of their wealth to the needy people.


Fasting for 29 or 30 days is also an obligatory duty for Muslims which purify their heart, mind, and soul. Every Muslim who is not sick have to fast for the sake of ALLAH every year in the month of Ramadan.


Unlike other pillars of Islam which are set to be done on a regular basis, Hajj is made obligatory only on those who are physically and financially afford to do it. And it is to be done once in a lifetime at least in the month of Zul Hajj.


Sasta Umrah Travel & Tours not only the sole provider of Umrah packages we are also working on to provide our valued customers the facility to avail hajj packages too shortly. Hajj is to be done once in a lifetime in the month of Zul Hajj. Hajj is obligatory for those who are physically fit and financially well off. Every year millions of Muslims take their way to Makkah to perform Hajj.

Our Umrah agents can guide you through the whole process of Hajj and apply for Hajj. Saudi government designated a particular number of applications to be entertained by each Muslim country’s Saudi embassy. Therefore, it is required that you apply for hajj two or three months before. Because the hajj applications are entertained on first come first get basis sasta Umrah will help you to get the Hajj visa issuance by informing you the time to apply for Hajj. You just have to give your contact to our sasta Umrah agents and rest is their responsibility.

Now briefing you the hajj procedure shortly and understandably for your information that if you are planning for Hajj, you must know how to perform it.


It is the place where pilgrims assume the state of ihram. For males, ihram is covering the body with two pieces of unstitched white cloth keeping right shoulder uncovered and for females any loose fitting clothes which are covering her satar. The pilgrim starts to recite talbiyah. In the state of ihraam certain halal thing become haram such as using perfumes, shaving or trimming hairs and nail, etc.


Then pilgrim moves to Makkah and does tawaaf around Holy Kaaba. Pilgrims have to complete seven rounds around Kaaba.

Performing saey between Safa and Marwah. These also include walking and running between safe and Marwah seven times.


Then pilgrims head towards mina which is roughly 8 kilometers from Makkah on 8th of Zul Hajj spent a day here till 9th of Zul hajj sunrise.


On 9th of Zul Hajj after sunrise pilgrims from mina starts moving towards Arafat which is approximately 14.4 kilometers from mina. It is the most important day is Islam. On this day Muslims pray and repent and in other countries Muslims fast on Arafat day. Pilgrims remain here till sunset.


After sunset pilgrims move towards muzdalifah which is 9 kilometers away and spend the whole night under the sky. Pebbles are also collected from here for stoning the pillar or shayateen


It is three walls where pilgrims throw stones on devils. It is the 10th of Zul Hajj which marks the completion of umrah.


Then pilgrims have to sacrifice animal whether cow, goat, sheep or camel open their ihram and trim or shave their hair (only males).

We have written the summary of the fifth pillar of Islam to make you understand the steps in hajj performance. Hajj is a duty which requires effort, and only physically fit individuals can perform Hajj. Sasta Umrah will aid you in your hajj preparation right from the start until the end. You don’t need to have any worries about booking tickets or hotels in Makkah and Madina. Our agents are available for your support of this Islamic obligation. They try to do everything which they can for your safe travel and stay there in Makkah and Madina. Moreover, our Umrah agents will also guide you the whole details regarding your arrival at Jeddah airport, your stay in a hotel in Makkah the whole procedure of Hajj and your stay in Madina. Sasta Umrah will also provide you with the booklets which can be helpful in your journey towards the holy cities of Makkah and Madina. Sasta Umrah Travel & Tours is serving hundreds of people in their sacred journey throughout the country. If you want your journey to be one of the memorable and comfortable for your family, do give us a chance to make you our value able client.

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