High Season Of Umrah

Umrah is a holy act of worship which is not made compulsory for any Muslims. However, Muslims perform it because of its rewards and blessings. Visit holy cities of Makkah and Madina is a dream for some people which can be fulfilled by using the services of sasta umra. We offer many Umrah packages with different added benefits and complimentary services. Our Umrah agents are available to guide you through the whole process of getting an Umrah package of your choice. You can check the detail of our Sasta Umrah packages 2018. The packages that Sasta Umrah offers are reasonable and are at competitive rates. Our clients are satisfied with our services and our Umrah agents. You can check their reviews too.

Umrah is the Arabic language means “visit to the populated area.” This visit to Makkah can be performed at any time of the year except for the Hajj days. Umrah visas are stopped from 15th of Ramadan for Hajj visas processing. Many of you people think what the best time to go for Umrah is? The best time for this voluntary sacred journey depends on the personal preferences. Some people want to do Umrah in a relaxed environment without any hustle and bustle. The relax Umrah time during immediately after Hajj season in the months of Muharram and Safar. During these two months as many pilgrims performed hajj, so the number of Muslims performing Umrah immediately after hajj decreases.

Benefits Of Performing Umrah During Off Peak Season

If you are not a crowd lover and want to perform the Umrah steps in peace and relax way than Sasta Umrah recommends you to go for Umrah in off-peak season (Muharram and Safar). You can have many other benefits during off season too like:

  • Airfares are reduced during off-peak season. Our Umrah agents will get you the Sasta Umrah ticket.
  • Hotel booking rates are also low. Hotel booking in Makkah and hotel booking in Madina will save you 10-30 percent in comparison to hotel bookings during the high season of Umrah traffic.
  • You can perform all steps or rituals of Umrah easily without getting much tired in finding a place there to perform the specific step.
  • You can easily get a chance to kiss the black stone which is HAJR-AL-ASWAD. During high season Umrah traffic, it is very difficult to reach to the Hajr-e-Aswad as thousands of Muslims already in the queue waiting to kiss the black stone.
  • You can also have ziarats of all places in Makkah and Madina in a relaxed way and can gather much information about the Islamic history.

Peak Season Of Umrah

Millions of Muslims across the world wanted to perform Umrah in the blessed month of Rabi-ul-Awwal, Shabaan and the most blessed holy month of Ramadan. These three months are of high season Umrah traffic. Muslims wants to go for Umrah in these months because of greater rewards of each ritual or ibadat. Also, the peak season of Umrah is when kids have summer holidays so that is the time when the whole family can go for Umrah and many families with the kids prefer to do Umrah in the summer holidays. This time span can also be the high season of Umrah traffic. Some of the benefits that Sasta Umrah knows of performing Umrah during peak season are:

Greater rewards and greater blessing from Allah. As the month of Ramadan is itself a blessed month so performing Umrah in this month and spending the month of Ramadan in the holy cities of Makkah and Madina promises uncountable blessings.

Millions of Muslims across the world came to perform Umrah in these three months, so the sense of equality is refreshed which means every Muslim either rich or poor, and of different nationalities gather to perform Umrah and seek forgiveness from Allah at a single place (MASJID-AL-HARAM).

With these benefits, you have to pay some extra money for hotel booking in Makkah and hotel booking in Madina. Our Umrah agents still try to get the possible Sasta Umrah package for you but during the high season of Umrah traffic rates of rooms are increased by the hotel management. Also, the airfares are increased a little during peak season. Many Muslims prefer to go in last ten days of Ramadan, so this is the time which is peak season in everything starting from air tickets to the hotel bookings, and the transport during Umrah also costs you a little much than the off-peak season.

Why Is Sasta Umrah The Best Deal For You?

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