Jeddah Airport Information

If you are gathering Jeddah airport info, you should know that the name of Jeddah airport is King Abdul Aziz airport. Termed as one of the busiest airports in the world it is located approximately 19 km from Jeddah city. Most airlines operating here cater the Umrah and hajj needs of people throughout the year with their Umrah tickets booked. The Jeddah airport is a place for Saudi airlines to take people to Makkah and Madinah where people make use of it for making a peaceful stay at hotels in Makkah or hotels in Madinah. The in the inauguration of the airport was carried out in 1981. The airport is renowned for its hajj terminal. It is specifically built for pilgrims going to Makkah and can handle 80,000 people at a time. There is a new phase of the airport under construction which will enable more passengers and make it even busier. Many aircraft can be accommodated in the airport making it a very efficient airport for the world. The average area of the airport is 15 square kilometers. Since Jeddah is in proximity to Makkah, that’s why it’s a great airport for handling the pilgrims. Bangladeshi-American designer designed it and made a tent-like roof of it. To have more knowledge about the airport, we will be discussing more Umrah tickets as well as packages by the same.

Usually, the Muslims all over the year travel through Jeddah airport especially when they book their Umrah tickets through designated Umrah agents. Usually. In Asian countries especially Pakistan or India, travelers always look for Cheap or less expensive tickets so that they can limit themselves to defined budgets. The airport provides many facilities to travelers like Zam-zam water, dates, ihraam, and much more.

Why is Airport Built

The airport is specifically built for Islamic pilgrims traveling to Makkah where they make their bookings in hotels in Makkah or hotels in Madinah and avail their Hajj or Umrah packages. The capacity of the airport allows more than 75000 passengers to travel simultaneously and is considered the busiest airport all over the world, especially on Hajj.


The airport covers approximately 15 sq Kilometres area and besides it is constructed a Royal terminal known as Prince Abdullah Airbase, and it is only for Saudia Air Force.


The airport is constructed by Bangladeshi engineer Fazal Khan employed at Owings firm. The place comprises of ten modules with large space tents of Teflon, and each module is joined and grouped in five pairs each of two. The terminal is a very vast area specifically designed for Umrah or Hajj travelers.

Past Accidents at Jeddah International Airport

In 1959, Pilot took a belly landing right after taking off. The reason was that mechanic made some technical mistake and did not put the locks in proper position. The good news was that all the passengers, as well as the crew, were saved. Similarly, in 1991, a failed landing gear let the plane have a fire in it at many high rates and cabin pressure suffered a lot. The pilots made utmost efforts to reach the airport back but in vain. The result was the death of approx. 260 passengers including the crew. This had been a terrifying incident in Jeddah Airport history.

Umrah Travellers

Muslims traveling for Umrah book their Umrah tickets from their source countries and book their Umrah packages through Umrah agents. Usually, this is done by the one agent providing them with all the necessary facilities needed including their bookings in hotels in Makkah, hotels in Madinah, and management of their Umrah ticket prices. Arrival for Umrah travelers is made at Jeddah airport for most of the countries either through direct or connecting flights. It depends on the country you are flying from and also the state of that country and of course the flight you choose. Jeddah airport is always busiest 24/7 and 365 days a year because, except Hajj days, travelers from all over the world come for Umrah. The airport is very clean, airy, big in area, and provides travelers with almost everything they need at the most affordable prices.

Immigration Rules

Immigration rules are different for both the Hajj as well as Umrah packages. This is because of the nature and application of the package. Umrah travelers cannot come to KSA if there is a Hajj season going. The airport stands closed for next two months after the Hajj when they clear all the pilgrims of Hajj and their flights. Usually, at the end of Muharram, Umra travelers are allowed to enter KSA for Umrah purposes, and they can book their Umrah packages through Umrah agents. Though Umrah tickets get too high by that time and each traveler cannot afford highest Umrah ticket prices they do not compromise for the money because they have to do this once a year maximum, so they do it. Umrah agents can give considerable discounts for the Umrah ticket prices especially to pilgrims depending on the nature of pilgrim they want to avail and the season. If they avail it in Hajj season, prices are relatively high, and in the same way, if they book their Umrah packages in Ramadan, they can face more Umrah ticket prices for sure.

Last but not the least; discussion never ends about the said airport and the list continues. The Jeddah airport is of its unique importance and is considered the best for Muslims all over the world. Many airlines land on this airport depending on the country they take off and land like Pakistan has PIA for landing there, and UAE has Emirates Air Lines leaving passengers at the said airport where they have advanced bookings in hotels in Makkah or hotels in Madinah. It depends totally on the country which sends the travelers to Jeddah airport because their immigration rules are strict just because the travelers come here throughout the year. Cleanliness, tidiness, and friendliness are the three major aspects of this airport, and that is the major reason why their administration, as well as the airport atmospheres, are loved by the Muslims all over.

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