Madinah Airport Information

Madinah airport is also known as Prince Khalid bin Abdul Aziz airport. It was opened in 1950. It handles some domestic flights. Many of the international flights are also catered by the airport during the hajj and the Umrah season. There are only two airports through which pilgrims can enter the cities of Makkah and Madinah; one of them is Jeddah airport, and the other one is Madinah airport. In 2007, it was given the status of an international airport. It is located in the north eastern region of Madinah, capital of the Saudia Arabia. When your Umrah agents provide you with Umrah tickets and necessary plans, he will guide you about atmospheres and rules of Makkah as well as Madinah including hotels in Madinah too.

The Umrah agents book Umrah tickets for you so that you can initiate your journey to Makkah and Madinah. Umrah is a very sacred ritual performed by Muslims. They utilize this airport to go to Madinah city. After this, they can book numerous hotels in Madinah. This airport has aided them a lot for long. The airport has been renewed as well. And the new airport began functioning in the year 2015. The construction of the new building started from building a terminal passenger phase for people. It came into work in 2015. This has caused a massive increase in the number of passengers which can be accommodated in the airport. Working on the terminal started at the beginning of 2012 and was completed in a total span of three months. It is a three-story terminal building and is very spacious. It has got 42 elevators in total. The total number of departure gates in the airport is 18 which makes it a great airport for people traveling to Makkah and Madinah. 16 aircraft stands are also there. The airport has got all the modern facilities for the passengers around. It is the fourth busiest airport handling domestic and international flights throughout the year.

This airport, i.e., Madinah airport gained its existence throughout KSA in the year 2007. That was the time when the airport was not that big but was appropriate for the travelers traveling across KSA for sacred events of umrah and hajj respectively. In 2011, a contract was signed between KSA authorities and civil aviation management to give the final shape to the Madinah airport to be located in the holy city of Madinah Munawarrah. The total cost of 1 million dollars was estimated n the contract, but the final cost raised too much causing financial issues for the management. Madinah airport was awarded as leading in energy certification of excellence. Initially, very few airlines were set to fly to the airport nut later on; almost all countries started their flights towards KSA for Umrah or Hajj events where travelers were staying at hotels in Madinah in good atmospheres with best Umrah packages.

If we give a close look at the incidents and accidents taken place at the airport, they are also few in numbers. The mistakes of pilots and sometimes the technicians have caused considerable losses to the airport as well as airlines companies. The very first accident took place in 2001 when the airport was full of blood, and it seemed that blood is flowing instead of air. The major reason for that was the hijack done to some Russian Airlines taking flight from Istanbul. There were more than 150 passengers on board. The hijackers were Chechen separatists, and they landed at the airport and asked for additional fuel for the plane so that they could fly appropriately to the Afghanistan. They collaborated with airport terminals, and after 18 hours of no concreate response, Saudi management took action taking all hijackers to death, and a Turkish life passenger was also ended that way. Moreover, a Russian stewardess also left the hope for life. The second incident took place in 2014 in January in a plane Boeing 767-300. This plane flew from Mashhad Iran towards KSA Madinah, and it had to land in an emergency because its landing deployment failed permanently and pilot realized it so early that he landed at the airport as soon as possible The plane was carrying approx. 320 passengers (more or less) and 29 of them got seriously injured because they exited the airplane in a nose up positions. 11 of the passengers were eventually sent to the hospitals and others were sent to airport’s medical centers.

If you are planning to KSA for Umrah or Hajj, the Makkah and Madinah are the best cities to travel. You can stay in any of the hotels in Makkah or hotels in Madinah depending on your Umrah packages or the Umrah tickets provided to you by Umrah agents. You will find both airports, i.e., Makah and Madinah to be much vast and the staff will be too much cooperating and supportive. It is not like that the staff is all helpful but few of them also get rude to you but no problem because all fingers of the hand are never equal and can never be equal. Last but not the least; Madinah airport is, of course, smaller in the area as compared to Jeddah airport but still it is full of lights and greenery and lots of travelers from all over the world come to Madinah airport right after completing their stays in Holy Makkah. Many flights come to KSA Madinah now from all the countries worldwide and depending on each country, KSA management has provided certain space and the place to land for each airplane at specific terminal and location to overcome any ambiguities.  Like Pakistan sends its pilgrims using PIA, UAE using Emirates, and much more. It varies by country to country and choice of flight made by you from Umrah agents for Umrah tickets or any of the Umrah packages you avail. Moreover, benefits also vary as per the Umrah packages and ticket you select and therefore, the services also change as per the choice you make. Madinah airport has lots of facilities for kids and families also so that they enjoy their stay there and extreme tidiness and quality control is maintained in the airport throughout for the best service of the travelers all over.