Makkah City Info - Places to visit in Makkah


Makkah Mukarma is the Holy city of Hijaz in Saudia Arabia The location of the city is around 70 km from Jeddah within a close valley at an approximate height of 277 meters above the sea level. The population of the city is around 2 million, but a huge number of people visit this holy city throughout the year and especially in the holy month of Zil Haj. It is a pious region of the world for the Muslim population since it is the birthplace of Muslims and it is the city where Quran was revealed to the Prophet (PBUH)/. The obligation of Hajj is for every Muslim who can afford to visit Makkah Mukarma. Makkah is a place where Kabah is. The Muslims direct their prayers towards this city no matter where they belong. Makkah was conquered by Ibn e Saud in the year 1925. Nowadays a lot of construction has taken place in Makkah which includes hotels and buildings. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the city because it is the most pious region for the Muslims around.

Umrah is a holy ritual performed by Muslim community throughout the world. The act can be performed throughout the whole year and is a part of Hajj as well. The act consists of visiting holy places of Saudia Arabia like Makkah and Madinah, and there are few parts of it, for example, Sai and Tawaf. Various duas are made during the visit. There are Umrah packages offered by agents. Various cheap Umrah packages are there for people to avail some services. There are some hotels in Makkah to entertain the guests from around the world. One can book hotels online or through agents for the stay. There are some deals for the visitors. Various sasta Umrah tickets can be bought as well through agents. A number of hotels in Madinah, as well as Makkah, can be booked. Get more details about places to visit in Makkah or famous hotels in Makkah.

Hotels in Umrah

1. Conrad hotel

One of the most exotic hotels in Makkah Conrad is just a few steps away from Kabah which makes it very easy for the visitors. One can easily access the hotel from the Umm El Qurra Road, which has a strong connection with the Makkah-Jeddah highway. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant too with some items available, e.g., coffee, tea, and cuisines from different countries. The rooms are Spacious and modern for the sake of guest’s comfort; all guest rooms have a separate dressing area and other services. Some rooms and suites provide visitors with breath-taking views of the Haram or Kaaba, and additional benefits like waiter services and Lounge access as well. Several Arabic specialties and dishes from all over the world are there at this hotel located in Makkah where you can choose from the menu or avail the buffet service. Al kawthar lounge is there to provide tea and coffee whenever you want it. There is a car hire service in this hotel in Makkah too to provide the guests with ease and comfort. It is one of the highly recommended hotels. People from different countries come and stay here. Booking this hotel will be the best choice out of all hotels in Makkah for sure. Remember that if you have availed sasta Umrah tickets for you, maybe you do not get access to this hotel depending on its luxuries. Get more details about places to visit in Makkah or famous hotels in Makkah.


2. Hilton suits

Hilton suits Makkah is one of the best hotels in Makkah and is situated in the heart of the city and provide the guests with some facilities. For praying inside the hotel premises, there is a separate place for men and women. People from over the world prefer to stay in this hotel since it is closer to Makkah especially the new king Abdullah wing of haram. The total rooms in the hotel are 484 which are highly equipped as well as there are some facilities to help people all around the world. The Umrah agents can help you book the hotels easily providing you with many benefits including sasta Umrah tickets and lot more.

3. Makkah royal tower Fairmont

Makkah royal tower Fairmont is another great hotel located in the hub of Makkah. It is known for providing 24 hours room service. It is only 100 meters away from Masjid al haram which makes it easier for people who have come from across the world. This hotel is highly recommended for Umrah travels. Proximity is the best thing about the hotel. This hotel has a very high number of visitors.

4. Raffles Makkah

Raffles Makkah has special suits which provide people with a panoramic view which is a plus as far as your Umrah packages are concerned. Great service is provided for the people. The service makes sure that people are fully satisfied and helps them build positive reviews regarding the hotel. Many people choose this hotel for the stay.

5. Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency Makkah

The hotel is just a minute walk away from the Masjid al-Haram. After getting your Umrah tickets the next step is to book the best of the best hotels. The hotel has to be close to your residence for ease and comfort. This hotel has the advantage of being close to the haram this helps the guests a lot.

6. Le meridian Makkah

This hotel offers rooms full of luxury and comfort for the visitors. Just 200 meters away from Abdul Aziz gate, this is a great hotel for Umrah visitor. Some international and Arabic dishes are available to cater the needs of people around. The window view provides a nice view of Haram Shareef which is soothing to the eyes. Many people prefer to stay in the hotel since the service is outstanding and butlers come to your room whenever you want them to come.

One should consider various factors while selecting a hotel for a stay in Makkah like booking sasta Umrah tickets, selecting proper Umrah packages, and lot more. Comfort should be the foremost priority. Apart from that, one should look for great service and best deals. Proximity to Haram Shareef is also a factor of consideration. If the hotel is far then visits to haram, it becomes a bit difficult for the visitor. That is why one should consider getting a hotel which is nearby to Makkah. The prayer facilities are also very important to consider when it comes to selecting a hotel independent of Umrah packages you avail. Get yourself a very comfortable place so that you can concentrate more on the prayers. Get more details about places to visit in Makkah or famous hotels in Makkah. 

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