Rules and Information for Pilgrims

Each year pilgrims from all over the world visit KSA and make their stays in Hotels in Makkah near Holy Kaaba. Lots of care has to be taken by KSA Government for the smooth and the best application of HAJJ event. It is not all about the Hajj events taking place but the most occurring event, i.e., Umrah takes place around the year, and the place is full and busiest especially during specific occasions like Ramadan or right after Hajj as soon as Umrah opens. All the Umrah tickets, as well as Umrah packages, get very expensive during these peak months and it becomes almost impossible to get Sasta Umrah tickets or avail any of the Umrah packages for the pilgrims. The business of Umrah agents rises at the top especially in these peak events, and they charge their client’s at the most higher Umrah ticket prices and hotels in Makkah also provide customers with expensive rates. Whether you are traveling for Umrah or Hajj, you are bound to follow certain rules and regulations set by KSA authorities for each pilgrim for the smooth running of the entire program. All the rules remain almost common throughout entire year until or unless there is any strict emergency taking place for rules amendments. These rules’ list can be obtained from any of the Umrah agents through whom you prefer to book your Umrah tickets for your travel. Let us have a quick look at each of them one by one by keeping Umrah as well as HAJJ pilgrims in mind:

  • Whenever you travel and wherever you go and whichever hotels in Makkah you stay, your health can never be compromised. For this reason, you need to get your health checked properly so that you do not create any disturbance for the country you are entering. By keeping this in mind, each of the travelers needs to perform the vaccination in their respective countries and get the vaccination certificates from the health organizations they do their vaccinations from. When traveling to KSA, they need to get these vaccination certificates with them and KSA management will be checking them one by one while entering in KSA. Lacking this will lead them to serious problems including deporting or paying heavy fines.
  • Of course, you are travelling for the sacred activity, and at the sacred place, your major concentration should be to keep the event in mind, i.e. Umrah or Hajj, therefore, you need not worry about the diet or food intakes as it is not allowed to carry any of the foodstuffs while you enter KSA immigration. No canned foods or any of the food products are allowed within airport vicinity of KSA. Umrah agents will let you know about this for sure beforehand, or you will come to know about this all when you sit for booking Umrah tickets for yourself. Health experts even can come in any of the hotels in Makkah for your support if you can’t go there for some reasons.
  • If you are entering Jeddah for the purpose for Hajj specifically, you are not to enter KSA before a day or two for sure. The Hajj takes place at 9th of each year, therefore, you have to make sure that you enter KSA on or before 4th of each year. This will save you as well as KSA authorities from any ambiguities, which may occur at later times.
  • For sure, if you are booking Umrah tickets through any of the defined Umrah agents, they will have their representatives set at KSA airport with your names written on them. You need to pay a bit higher Umrah ticket prices to avail this service. You have to search the office of that company over there and then peacefully handover your passports and needed documents to them to make your traveling smooth and best. They will guide you throughout the journey from Makah to Madinah for sure so that there should not remain any confusion or issues regarding the same. If, in any case, you lose the passport, you have to report the same to the agent's office as soon as possible and they will be providing you with full report mentioning your credentials as well as report place of lost and the intimation to the same. This will take care of you and your belongings throughout the travel.
  • As already said, the grand event i.e. HAJJ takes place at 9th of each year. The pilgrims have to arrive beforehand and they have to leave the country KSA as soon as possible the HAJJ ends. The Umrah tickets are booked with entry and exit dates and you are ought to follow those dates. KSA authorities have made it crystal clear that the exit dates of each pilgrims have to be before 10th of Muharram and the rules for staying in the country after the said date are very strict for anyone and are considered illegal and inappropriate. This is also for the reason that Umrah packages, as well as Umrah tickets, get booked right after this date and Umrah for travelers gets opened. If any of the Hajj travelers wants to do Umrah, he has to return back the country and again apply after a specific time period being assigned by KSA authorities.
  • Try not to take Sasta Umrah tickets or packages because health benefits may get limited, and you may experience certain issues. Because you may get Umrah ticket prices for this, but you won’t get satisfied with the end of the event.

Summing it all up, those mentioned above are very few and do not remain same in all cases and ties as there are changing by KSA management by time to time and especially if you are traveling using the Sasta Umrah tickets packages, you may be held in problems. The most common of the rules are given and are subject to vary each year. After availing best Umrah packages and getting your Umrah tickets or even the Sasta Umrah tickets with appropriate Umrah ticket prices booked, you have to make your stay beautiful and pleasurable by following the said rules and regulations. These apply to each pilgrim and are provided by KSA rules and immigration authorities. Ministry of Hajj has been changing the rules as per events, and atmospheres are taking place during the events and the rules and regulations are different for both the events of Umrah and Hajj. It is because Hajj takes place once a year, so yearly updates or quarterly meetings take place for amendments but Umrah, the travelers keep the place busy 24/7 a day and 365 days a year except for HAJJ days. Therefore, rules amendments and daily updates are made and introduced by the ministries of KSA.

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