Umrah Travelling Tips

Once your visa is issued via Sasta Umrah and you have completed all formalities it is time to start preparing for your travel to the holy cities and performing umrah. If you are going for second or third time than you must be familiar with all the transport and travel tip but for the first timers, it is the moment of excitement and privilege that they are going on umrah.

To pack up for Umrah you have to work on many aspects as you are going far from your homeland, at a new place where you don’t know the places much. Sasta Umrah will give you informative traveling and transport tips for umrah. Read these tips once you get an issued visa from our Umrah agent, these will help you to remember important things to consider while traveling.



Umrah is not just merely a duty which you have to perform. It must be performed with full heart and obligation. Not an easy task though you have to walk a lot and a lot to perform Umrah. In order to save yourself from muscle spasm and pain in legs due to sudden long walks after a sedentary lifestyle, you must start to have at least 15 min of brisk walk daily. In this way, your legs get used to walking long.

Start memorizing duas and verses which you are going to read during Umrah and after that during ibadat. So, that when you are moving to the airport all those surah’s and duas must be on your fingertips.


Before packing up the foremost thing is to learn about the holy cities of Makkah and Madina and about umrah. You can find the required information about all these at our site it’ll help you in knowing little before reaching there. Also, there are many book available on how to perform umrah?

You must go through everything in detail before going so that when you reach there you can perform Umrah directly. You must know all steps of umrah which include ihram rules, tawaf, saai. Sasta Umrah tried to give this information in a comprehensive informative way. Just go through it.


Usually during traveling packing too much is easy but then taking that packed things to the airport then hotel and then traveling between Makkah and Madina will be tough task. Therefore it is recommended to pack only the things which are important including few clothes depending on your length of stay and number of undergarments so that you don’t need to hand wash them yourself there during your stay. Advisable to put ihram in your hand carry in case if you have indirect flight because you have to wear it before arrival at Jeddah airport.

Check all important documents including passport, air tickets and hotel booking in Makkah or hotel booking in Madina. Sasta Umrah advises you to have an extra photocopy of each document with you.


Because the environment of Makkah and Madina is different from Pakistan it is very common to get illnesses like cold, flu, respiratory tract infection. Sasta Umrah recommends you to take come common medications along including Panadol, antihistamines, two courses of broad spectrum antibiotic. And if you are taking any regular daily basis medications pack them along too.


You have to be in ihram before landing at Jeddah airport. Because all planes fly over miqat before landing at Jeddah airport you must be in ihram state before miqaat. You have two options depending on your flight. If your flight is direct to Jeddah than you have to wear ihram before boarding on the plane. And if your flight is not direct then you can wear ihram at any transit stop.


On arriving Jeddah airport some designated Saudi personnel will take your passport and then see the detail of our Umrah agent and you’ll get cleared from customs and immigration. You are then allowed to get on the bus according to your itinerary. If you have to go to Makkah they will direct you in that bus going to Makkah and those going to Madina will be directed to that bus. Your passport will be given by the bus driver before starting travel.

Then they will drop you at Makkah or Madina bus stop. From here you can go to your booked hotel by Sasta Umrah agents. Take your room key from the hotel reception. Put your luggage in the room and go for Umrah after refreshing up.



  • Always take a water bottle with you whenever you leave your hotel room. It is too hot in Makkah and Madina that you can end up in having a sunstroke by getting dehydrated. Therefore, keep water with you every time.
  • Do not leave your personal belongings unattended at any time or in the care of anyone saying that they will be going to take care of your belongings.
  • Take care that you do not carry a huge amount of money with you every time you go out. Carry only required amount with you. As our Umrah agents booked your hotel near to the mosque if more money needed you can go back to the hotel and take the money.
  • Try to leave the hotel room early for prayers as leaving early will allow you to have a comfortable position inside the mosque.
  • At the end of your Umrah trip, you have to take Zam Zam water with you. Sasta Umrah advises you to label the water clearly with your identity and phone number. Because on an Umrah flight almost all passengers are carrying zam zam back to their homeland there are high chances that you can’t get yours if not labeled properly.

We hope that these informative tips by Sasta Umrah will be helpful in your sacred journey towards holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. We try every possible way to make your trip memorable and comfortable.