Umrah Visa Process - How to Apply for Umrah Visa in Pakistan

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Being Muslim everyone wishes to perform Umrah, but nowadays no one is free or has much time to do the whole Umrah process in a limited or short time. Umrah process starts from the visa application form, booking air tickets; booking hotels and managing the whole stay there in Makkah and Madina. Sasta Umrah is one of the best professional Umrah package providers who will do your whole Umrah package processed in a short time. You just have to give documents required for visa processing and intimate the dates of your departure and arrival. Our Umrah agents will give you whole sasta package including visa processing, booking Umrah tickets, booking hotels in Makkah and Madina. You’ll find our Sasta Umrah packages 2018 in our packages tab if you want to see the Sasta Umrah packages we have designed for you.

The first part of Umrah process is the applying for Umrah visa which can be done through our Umrah agents. Our skilled and efficient Umrah agents will guide you through the whole process and requirements. Normally visa processing takes some time as it is approved by Saudi government so we advise you to tell us before 15 days of your departure date so you cannot experience any inconvenience. For your information, we are telling you the Umrah visa process by reading which you came to know why it requires time to get approved.

  • Umrah visas are open for issuance every year but not during the Hajj visa issuance which is during Zul hajj which is from 15th of Shawwal till 25th of Zul Hajj. Umrah visa application processing begins from 1st of Safar, and the last date for applying is the end of shabaan.
  • Saudia government is very facilitative in Umrah visa issuance. But the make sure that the travel agencies and Umrah agents are not fraud. For this purpose, the ministry of hajj has issued a license to some agencies and Umrah agents to authorize then for visa application. Good news is our Sasta Umrah agents are authorized for visa issuance.
  • All you have to do is to provide us required documents, duly filled and signed visa application form and your valid passport to our Umrah agent. He then submit your application through Saudi embassy
  • The embassy will assess your application, and your documents will pass through verification. Then if everything is ok, your passport will be stamped by Saudi embassy granting you Umrah visa
  • The Umrah visa is valid for 30 days. You have to enter the country before the date mentioned on the visa, and you have to exit the Saudia before the visa validity date. If somehow you violate the laws you have to pay the heavy penalty for violation depending on the laws set by the Saudi government. Also, you can't work on Umrah visa, nor you can perform Hajj on Umrah visa.

Online Portal To Check Visa Processing Status

Another important and good thing was done by the ministry of Hajj Saudi Arabia is the starting up of online visa application status.  In every country, there are many travel agencies and Umrah agents which are fraud taking money from you for visa processing and then make lame reasons that for visa processing embassy is charging more money. Keeping given such issues, the Saudi government decided to start an online portal by which you can check whether your Umrah agent submitted your application to the embassy or not. Just visit the site and enter your passport number it will tell you your application status. This online portal can also tell you if your visa has been stamped or rejected. It will give you all the details of the Umrah packages which you chose and applied to that package for umrah. It is also a way where you can pick if Umrah agent is honest or not. It is one of the best step taken by the ministry of Hajj Saudi Arabia for to keep pilgrims save from frauding agencies and agents.

Our Services

We at Sasta Umrah Travel & Tours assure you to process your visa as soon as possible as our Umrah agents are authorized by Saudi embassies. You’ll have no difficulty with visa issuance or visa processing. If you want to stay safe from spending the extra money and want to get Umrah visa on time, then do visit us at and contact us. We are here to provide you with Sasta Umrah packages, Sasta Umrah tickets and hotel booking in Makkah and Madina. Who else is providing such an affordable Umrah packages other than Sasta Umrah? We offer you the best hotels in Makkah and Madinah for your comfortable stay at a very reasonable price. We recommend you to use our services and agents for your umrah visa processing so that there is no doubt of rejection and our agents are not going to charge you any extra money for visa processing. You can check our rates and the Umrah visa processing rates given by the Saudi government. We guarantee you that once you perform Umrah by using Sasta Umrah; you’ll go again using sasta umrah.

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