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Umrah is one of the rewarding duties performed by Muslims for the sake of Allah. Although not made obligatory by Allah but many Muslims perform it because Allah has mentioned countless reward in this life and hereafter. Sasta Umrah is doing the job of sending Muslims for Umrah since 19 years. This renowned organization has man Umrah agents bus in dealing the people wanting to go for Umrah throughout the country. Sasta Umrah has gained its name in a very short time because of its experienced staff and Umrah agents which deals with the people honestly and nicely. They do not get annoyed or irritated no matter how many times you contact them for any issue regarding Umrah package.

Sasta Umrah is doing its best to guide you through the whole procedure of Umrah in the most comprehensive way. Now we are going to tell you some informative things regarding zam zam water. It is one of the blessings that pilgrims get while doing hajj or umrah. Allah has made its availability non-stop to facilitate the pilgrims.


The well of Zam-zam water is located in Saudi Arabia, Masjid-al-haram in Makkah approximately 20 meters (66 feet) to the east of Holy Kaaba.


Everybody knows that zam zam water is a continuous supply of water to the pilgrims. But how this started is a story back in around the year 2000 B.C. when the prophet Ibrahim left his wife Hajirah and his son Ismaeel on the orders of Allah in a barren area of Makkah between two mountains which are mount Safa and mount Marwah with only some dates and water. When the dates and water provided by Ibrahim finished, his son became restless with the thirst and started to cry. Hajira had no water left with her she then climbed up the mount safa to see people passing nearby can help her, but in that desert, no one was there. Then she climbed the mount Marwah to sight anyone for her help but then found no one. Then she started to run between the two mountain (safa and Marwah) when she ran between the mountains seven times crying for help Allah sent the angel Jibreel. The angel struck the ground with his wing, and the water emerges from the spot by order of Allah. So, that is called zam zam water or aab e zam zam. Both son and mother quenched their thirst and thanked Allah.

Since that time the zam zam water is there to satisfy the thirst of pilgrims. The well is hand excavated and is roughly 30 meters deep with an internal diameter of 1.08 to 2.66 meters. In early times it was open, but now with the renovation, it is now housed in the basement of Masjid-al-haram with the protection of glass panels allowing the clear view of the zam zam well. But now the area of the well is restricted for any pilgrim. However, electric pumps have been installed to make its supply available to the pilgrims above the basement. The dispensers are installed in the vicinity of tawaf area to facilitate the pilgrim for drinking purpose.


Everything created by Allah has benefits which people don’t understand. In the same way the zam zam water is superior to any other drinking water in the world. Modern science has also proven its benefits to some extent but not to the fullest because What Allah knows humanity can’t. Some of the known benefits of zam zam water are:

  • It is antibacterial which can be because of its fluoride content.
  • Its high content of calcium makes it good for your bones.
  • It has the quality to cure many illnesses because of some important present minerals in it.
  • Zam Zam water helps in strengthening the human body cells.
  • According to research zam zam water showed positive results in weight loss. It reduces appetite which helps in diet-controlled weight loss.
  • Zam Zam water contains a balanced amount of all essential nutrients and minerals required for the normal and healthy body. Therefore, consuming it keep you physically and internally fit regarding health status.


As for normal drinking water, it is recommended in Islam to drink while sitting. It is not the case while drinking zam zam water. Following are the rules or etiquette of drinking blessed zam zam water:

  • Drink while standing, stand straight facing towards Kaaba.
  • Remember Allah, say Bismillah.
  • Drink zam zam water in three breaths.
  • Make as much duas while drinking it.
  • Thanks and praise Allah after drinking zam zam water.

Zam Zam water is continuously quenching the thirst and providing ultimate healing power to many diseases since 4000 years. Its supply is never ending b the orders of Allah. Many people who are residents of Makkah drink it regularly and nourishes themselves with the benefits of zam zam water. Pilgrims on their way back to homeland take some zam zam water for their relatives too.

It is the comprehensive information about zam zam water for the people intending to do Umrah. Sasta Umrah knows the importance of information about Makkah and Madina before going there that’s why our site and our Umrah agents make the required information available to the clients. Because of the information about the sites you were visiting during, before or after Umrah you don’t feel yourself a true stranger to these places. With this advance information, you can plan your trip accordingly to visit different historically important places too.

Sasta Umrah tried its best to quote all the important aspects of Umrah to facilitate its clients. The additional detailed information is further provided by our Umrah agents. Our clients are highly satisfied and have no issues in the hotels booked in Makkah and Madina by our Umrah agents. Our agent books hotels in Makkah and Madina keeping in view the mindset of every individual.

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