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We offer special Umra packages for every class of people. Sasta Umrahh Travel & Tours is serving millions of people going for Umrah since 1998

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Visit to Makkah and Madinah is a dream of every Muslim in the world. Allah (SWT) has ordered every Muslim to come to Makkah at least once in life for performing Hajj (if someone afford) and for this purpose, Muslims who come to Makkah they also perform Umrah. Umrah can also be called as a small hajj. Not only this, Umrah is also one of those religious prayers which guide you to lead your life exactly the way it should be. It’s just a beautiful feeling for every Muslim to think about his appearance at the house of Allah and offering Salah at Mosque of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Pakistan is second largest Muslim country in the world and Millions of Muslims in Pakistan go to the Holy Land each year to perform Umrah. Last year more than 1.3 Million Pakistani pilgrims traveled to Makkah and Madinah for the purpose of Umrah. Almost every Pakistani Muslim is certainly willing to perform Umrah once in a life or more than this. As per last 10 years travelling statistics issued by Saudi Government, Pakistani pilgrims are top of all Muslim nations and this number is increasing year by year. It’s also observed that many Pakistani pilgrims travel to Holy Land every year.

A complete Umrah Package is a combination of different arrangements and services which are managed by Umrah organizing agents in Pakistan. These travel agents also take care of all the needs of pilgrims, their services start before departure, until returning to the Pakistan.