Umrah Ticket Prices

We at Sasta Umrah Travel & Tours are offering special Umrah packages and Peshawar to Madinah flights that include simple and luxury packages and flight bookings for every class of people of Pakistan. These Umrah packages are well designed while keeping in view the financial positions of our clients. We are always looking forward to delivering the top class professional services as per your needs and budget. Our Umrah packages are complete solutions to the problems of our clients which are visa processing, Peshawar to Madinah Umrah ticket booking, hotel booking and your return ticket.

Our offers and packages are flexible and adjustable and they allow you to choose the hotel of your choice according to your need and budget and same is the case with airlines and flight tickets. Our collaborations and associations with top class and economic airlines give you the liberty to select any airline for traveling. Currently, we are working withPIA, Shaheen, Air Blue, Gulf Air, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, Salam Air and many others.

You can get the cheapest Peshawar to Madinah Umrah Tickets from us. We book tickets of Peshawar to Madinah flights with one of these best airlines. The price of Ticket from Peshawar to Madinah flight varies by classes and season. Our Sasta Umrah packages and our pricing for Peshawar to Madinah flights are the best.These give you the liberty to perform your Umrah in a way you wish for and live your dream. We are one of the leading and registered travel agencies of Pakistan.

Peshawar to Madinah flights with usis always the best experience; some people often demand direct Peshawar to Madinah flights after which they travel to Makkah after visiting the Masjid e Nabi, we arrange most of our direct Peshawar to Madinah flights are on public demand otherwise we have direct transportation to Jeddah and Makkah.We have special packages for people who want to travel to Madinah and then to Makkah, we provide quality transportation services to people from Madinah to Makkah and arrange the best hotels for your stay there.

There are many places to visit in Madinah during your stay there:

Masjid e Nabi

This is the first place Muslims like to visit when they reach Madinah; they like to offer their prayers and seek forgiveness from Allah.

Masjid e Quba

This mosque was also built by our Beloved Prophet Peace be upon Him. It is a sacred place to visit.

Mount Uhud

The battle of Uhud took place in the early ages of Islam. The place has prophet Muhammad PBUH’s uncle Hamza buried here. It was the also the same battle where the prophet lost his tooth. Prophet once said, ‘Uhud loves us, and we love Uhud.’ Mount Uhud is liked to be visited by all Muslims. Wadi e Jinn

Madinah Museum

These are also a must visit place for tourist and Muslims all over the world. Madinah Prince Abdul Aziz International Airport has great importance since 2015 since it got its label of being an international, we are now easily catering customers wishing to fly with us, Peshawar to Madinah Ticket booking is done in advance.

The airport also provides facilities to passengers having a few hour stopovers,or if you don’t book a hotel through us you can easily find a good hotel through them,but it will cost you a lot,so we suggest you to book everything advances with us because it's cheap and with great quality.